Taking a gap year before entering college or the workforce gives students the opportunity to think more deeply and intentionally about the person God is calling them to be. It is a chance to be a part of seeing God's Kingdom come, and His justice reign in a way that is hard to do once one enters academia. And it is a chance to see the world and gain an understanding of the diverse body of which we are a part.

What our Fellows say:

"God used the big things like living in Thailand, or working with different ministries to teach me. Yet God used conversations, actions and mistakes to shape me. This year I have been so filled with the love of God, grace, kindness, thanksgiving, joy, and belonging to my Heavenly Father. The changes I have experienced this year have been numerous. During this time with Agape Year I have actually learned the most I ever have about my identity in Christ and His love for me."

"This year has been amazing and greatly transformative. God has shown me the power and importance of community. We need to be real and intentional with everyone no matter their position, because Jesus has loved us and done the same for us."


What Colleges say:

Universities like Harvard encourage it

Data suggests you'll get better grades in college

What Pastors say: